24 Buddha Quotes: Motivational and Inspiring Buddha Quotes

24 Buddha Quotes: Motivational and Inspiring Buddha Quotes

24 Buddha Quotes: Motivational and Inspiring Buddha Quotes 

Below are the 24 Buddha Quotes which are motivational, inspiring and powerful that can change your life. Buddha Quotes are also known as Life Changer Quotes, so we can imagine how powerful are Buddha Quotes that motivates, inspires and lead us to good path. 

24 Buddha Quotes: Motivational and Inspiring Buddha Quotes

Always hope, but never expect.

“Keep Calm because nothing lasts forever…”

If you can stay positive in a negative situation, You Win.

“Stop looking for happiness in the same place you lost it.”

“I never see what has been done. I only see what remains to be done.”

“No one sees how much you do for them, they only see what you don’t do.”

“One beautiful heart is better than a thousand beautiful faces.”

I don’t care what you think about me….. I am not born to impress you.

“Life is such a great Teacher that when you don’t learn a lesson, It will repeat it.”

“If you want to know your future, look at what you’re doing at this moment.”

“If you truly want to change your life, you first must be willing to change your mind.”

“Faith and Prayer both are invisible, but they make impossible things possible.”

“Cheating on a good person is like throwing away a diamond and picking up a rock.”

Don’t stop when you’re tired,
stop when you’re Done.

“Standing alone doesn’t mean I am alone. It means I am strong enough to handle things all by myself.”

“A mistake which makes you HUMBLE is much better than an ACHIEVEMENT that makes you ARROGANT.”

“If you have a family that loves you, a few good friends, food on your table and a roof over your head. You are richer than you think.”

Do not learn
how to react
Learn how to

Never force anything.
Just let it be.
If it’s meant to be, it will be.

Only YOU can
change your life.
No one can do it for you.

Pain is a gift.
Instead of avoiding it,
learn to embrace it.
Without pain,
there is no growth.

NEVER FORGET 3 PEOPLE IN LIFE: 1. Who helped you in difficult times 2. Who left you in difficult times 3. Who put you in difficult times

If an egg is broken by outside force, life ends.
If broken by inside force, life begins.
Great things always begin from inside.

I woke up.
I have clothes to wear.
I have running water.
I have food to eat.
Life is good.


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