King Birendra Death Review Royal massacre

King Birendra Death Review Royal massacre

Late King Birendra death saddened Nepalese citizens as it all happened on 2057/02/19 at around 9.15 P.M. Royal massacre is one of the biggest massacre as well as mysterious incident in the history of Nepal.
Late King Birendra was best King among all the kingsthat we had before.
But on the date we listed above it is considered as a black day for Nepal, we miss him at present but he is not with us. But although we love our King Birendra as he always wanted Nepal to be independent as well as strong country in the world.

Late King Birendra Short Bio:

King Birendra:

Full name: Shree 5 (Paanch) Birendra Bir Bikram Shah

Birth: 29 December 1944
Death: 1 June 2001

He was the 12th King that we had in Nepal and the South Asian statesman. Being the eldest son of King Mahendra we became king on the year 1972, and he was king up-to his last breath, that he got reigned on year 2001 that year the Nepalese Royal Massacre. it was a bad incident and a really horrible day that we missed king Birendra and his all family.

His Majesty King Birendra Still on Memories

At that days there was stability inside Nepal. According to rumours and some news, he was even more threatened as he was going to make Nepalese army strong by buying new weapons from China and declare Nepal as a peaceful country but it was not acceptable for other rival nations. As a consequence or his fate , his whole family including Queen Aishwarya got shot and dead at Royal dinner that day on June 1, 2001.
Suddenly many said that it was done at all by his elder Son Dipendra, he was shot as a criminal but still its really unclear that who killed all the Royal Family.

After all that King Gyanendra came rise in Nepal, after his brother all family member dead. Dipendra was proclaimed as a king of nation for three days and few days later he died. Thus Gyanendra then became king.
In this video we have describe at all about Royal massacre that incident which still on our memory, that day was really a black day we cannot forget our King Birendra and Queen Ashwarya. We still remember them hope we like this video if you do why don’t we share this.


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