New Tihar Songs 2073 2016 Download Pashupati Sharma

New Tihar Songs 2073 2016 by Pashupati Sharma who is one of the best Nepali Popular Folk Singer. Nowadays he has been very busy on Promoting the New Tihar Songs 2073 2016. He released his new albums on this week, Pashupati Sharma says that he will throw back his more albums in New Tihar Songs 2073 2016.
Tihar is one of the second greatest festivs of the Hindus as u all knows. We celebrates Tihar by burning the candles and lighting the corners. Lets watch this New Tihar Songs 2073 2016 ‘Deusi Bhailo’
Singer: Pashupati Sharma, Janaki Tarami Magar

New Tihar Songs 2073 2016

Keep watching New Tihar Songs 2073 2016. Enjoy this music on your demands. New Tihar Songs 2073 2016 as many of the singers are bringing more new albums up to the sooner.
Here, the next Tihar Songs 2073 2016 of Pashupati Sharma is ‘Babiyo Katera’ it is also one of the new song of Pashupati Sharma and new singer Samjhana Bhandari.Watch it Below:

(2) New Tihar Songs 2073 2016 ”Babiyo Katera

Who is Pashupati Sharma ?

Pashupati Sharma is a known name for people who are familiar with contemporary Nepali folk music, Later for he has provided dohori lovers living in and out of the country with some of the most fun tunes to dance to and contemplate on.
He is one of nepali folk singer and have given voice to 1000’s of nepali folk songs which got most popular in nepali market, In this year to Pashupati became very lucky. His wife Rekha also seems involved in this music video of New Tihar Songs 2073 2016. Sharma has made the song by involving the relatives of him also.
He was Born in Syangja, Sharma has been singing dohori ever since he can remember, the genre being the most loved art form of the place.
In 2002, Sharma parents sent him to Kathmandu to become an engineer, but he secretly started performing duets in a bar called Saptakoshi Dohori Sanjh located in Chabahil instead, Later, he started taking part in live dohori competitions, in which he often landed in the top positions.
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