New Lok Dohori Song 2073 2016 Updated Chart

Today in this latest article i m going to have a short review on New lok dohori song 2073 2016. These songs in Nepali song industry are at top listed and hit on chart since youtube views says soo. Then here is a list of new lok dohori song 2073 2016.

Lok Dohori Singer Purna Pariyar Top songs:

Butte choli New Lok Dohori Song 2073 2016new-lok-dohori-song-2073-2016

Purna Pariyar one of the best Nepali lok singer he lives in Australia this days. Although he is outside Nepal he loves Nepali songs and Nepali song industry always he have brought many songs in market, but this year his song Butte cholii really rocked on Lok Song Industry.

The video of Butte cholli official songs in which Parbati Rai dance looks really amazing.

Enjoy this clips of Purna Pariyar

Puskal Sharma New Lok Dohori Song 2073 2016

New Lok Dohori Song 2073 2016. This year another next song hit the chart in the nepali music industry. You can guess who is that singer who sung that song. This song is really heart touching. Yes he is Puskal sharma he have sung many songs that are heart touching. Here is that video which is in top among the song this week also singer Puskal sharma and Singer Purna Pariyar Really rocked nepali Lok Song industry we can watch the video. we have embedded it to show you.

Since this 2 are not only the song that hit the chart this week we will show you the next update on all aboutNew Lok Dohori Song 2073 2016 in next coming week with updated list.



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