Jyoti Magar Teej Song 2073

People describe Jyoti Magar as one of the hot model in Nepal. You may call her whatever you want like hot or seksi or best or top Nepali model.
Watch Jyoti Magars h0t Teej Song ‘fariya chyattiyo’

Jyoti Magar is well known Nepalese folk singer but she is known better as the model in Nepalese community. She has earned some criticize from some section of dohori industry due to her glamorous modelling in different music videos. Her one of the main controversy wasDHADE BIRALO. This song has been viewed more than 2 million times on YouTube.
Not only Dhade Biralo, she has done exceptional glamorous role on different music videos which has encourage many people in Nepal to consider her as the one of the hot and sexy model.
Kathmandu, August 19: A few years agadisamma Teej festival is that all women in those days. Cor incorporating the typical pain Haritalika banthye songs.
But today has shifted to solidify. That men and women the same way, the last time stamp Fee men also began to sing. Yadisamma so aptly. But the impact on society by the artists songs have started to come.
So utyaulo aggressive song and singer, she is the light of the body in question Magar conveying progress has been public on Tuesday youtube.

“Instead of denunciation Dhwoju rate may paradoxically be eaten ‘sang the song has become public. Jyoti Magar words and tone of the song, the red all left Fee laincha Jeans pants, rates are eaten instead of beer, whiskey, vodka and other deceptive positive than negative message to society has been kind words.
He is acting provocatively also inasmuch Lyrics. From the beginning to the end, things are not gijako kahikattai sandesamulaka. No video is directed by Shiva BK model habitually hit and miss her budhothokile are also acting.


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