National Days of Nepal

National Days of Nepal, as we observe many of the special days of Nepal throughout the Nepali calendar year. Some of them explained in brief below:

National Days of Nepal

National Days of Nepal
National Days of Nepal

(i) The Martyr’s Day

One of he National Days of Nepal is Martyr’s Day is observed on 16th Magh and Martyr’s week is marked from the 10th to 16th of Magh annually to honor our martyr. Martyrs are those brave persons who sacrificed their life to establish rights, liberty, and freedom of individuals and the nations.

Between the 10th and 16th of Magh, Dharmachakra, Shukraj Shastri, Dashrath Chand and Gangalal were killed as punishment by the Rana Rulers. Some other people were also killed in different movements for Democracy. There is a Martyr Gate in Kathmandu where there are statues of four great Martyrs. Political leaders and ordinary people visit Martyr’s gate and offer Bouquet of Flowers to honor the Martyrs. On the same day, people offer flowers at Martyr’s Memorial at Lainchaur.

Similarly, people offer flowers at Teku Panchali, Siphal and Shiva Bhagwati where Shukraraj, Dharmachakra, Dashrath, and Gangalal were killed. Different programs are organized nationwide on martyr’s day to honor the known and unknown Martyrs. They are remembered and respected for their principles, convictions, and sacrifice for the sake of people and nation.

(ii) The Democracy Day

Another National Days of Nepal is Democracy Day is celebrated on 7th of Falgun every year. On 7th Falgun, 2007 B.S. the end of Rana Rule was declared. Since then, we have been celebrating the Democracy Day.

On the Democracy Day, we organize awareness programs, rallies, and talk shows. We should honor the people who struggled to establish Democracy in Nepal. We should appreciate the values, norms, and practices guaranteed to use the democratic system.

(iii) The Children’s Day

The other National days of Nepal is also the children day. After the establishment of full Democracy (Loktantra), the Children’s Day is celebrated on 15th of September (29th Bhadra). This day has been chosen because on this date Nepal signed the Convection on the Rights of Children 1989.

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(iv) The Education Day

Education is synonymous with enlightening because education helps to overcome ignorance by adding knowledge, wisdom, and skills to our lives. Since 2063 B.S., the Education Day is celebrated on 8th September, coinciding with the World Literacy Day.

On this day individual personalities and different organizations that have contributed to the sector of education and honored awarded.The Ministry of Education, various universities and educational institutions celebrate this day with grand festivities.

Education day is celebrated as a reorganization and awareness on the needs and importance of Education in the real life of each person and the nation irrespective of any conditions. Education Day makes people realize and invest in education and skills building since they serve as prerequisites for living a quality life.SoThe Education Day is also celebrated as Nepal national day.

(v) International Labor Day

The International Labor Day is celebrated on 1st may every year. It is also called the mayday. This day is celebrated by individuals and various trade unions.

Labor day is celebrated to protect the rights, interests and benefits of workers across the world. It helps each one of us to value the dignity of Labor. Laborers stimulate the economy that is the source of livelihood, political power and strength of every country.

(vi) International Women’s Day

Women celebrate March 8th as the International Women’s Day. It is celebrated to commemorate the struggle against the suppression of women and to mark the day when women attained political rights.

Women’s Day has been declared a National Holiday on the 8thMarch. Both men and women should celebrate this holiday to honor all the positive contributions that women make the public and private spheres of the life. So international women’s day is also celebrated as Nepal national day.

(vii) The Loktantra (Comprehensive Democracy) Day

The Loktantra Day is celebrated on Baisakh 11th each year. Joint people’s movement led the seven parties Alliance with the support of the CPN (Maoist) succeeded in bringing Comprehensive Democracy in Nepal by restoring people’s power from the direct rule of King Gyanendra in 2062/2063.

This day is recognized as the important day of having secured absolute or sovereign authority in the hands of people of Nepal. Since then The Loktantra (Comprehensive Democracy) Day is also celebrated as Nepal national day.

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