Dreamed about your life partner

Oh my love is like a red rose that’s newly sprung in June
My love is like the melody that’s sweetly made in Tune.
Till the seas gangs dry, my dear and the rocks melt with the sun
And I’ll love you still my dear while the sands of life shall run.
Fare the weel, my only love
Fare you weel awhile !
And I’ll come again my love
Though it were 10 thousand mile !!
Hundreds hearts could be few
To carry my love for you !
I promise I’ll never forget the day we kissed
And the day we met
Sky may falls and stars may too !!
I always dreamed a life partner who cries in my sadness
Who laughs in my happiness, who cares about me
And wants to stay forever with me!
Who gives me a company ever?
And leaves me never !!
I just want to live in your eyes, death in your mind and be buried in your heart !


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