Download Nepali All Times Hit Songs

Download Nepali All Times Hit Songs
Nepali All Times Hit Songs, has got its history from the ancient time in Nepal. The All Time Hit Songs are beautifully created and the words are so sweet that the people can never forget the words of the songs.
Nepali All Time Hit Songs are the songs which has made different space on the heart of Nepali people who are engaged in foreign employment they search and find the CD’S and audio songs of the all times hit songs and take them together.
People when they firstly utter the name of singers such as Swor Samrat : Narayan Gopal, in the same way Gopal Yongan, Fathheman Rajbhandari, Tara Devi as Koili Devi, Gyanu Rana, Dharmaraj Thapa etc.
List of Nepali All Time Hit Songs:
Nepali All Time Hit Song Ft.Lata Mangeshkar Bachunjelilai “By Ram Krishna Dhakal

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Nepali All Time Hit Songs these days are also in practice and the present time singers such as RamKrisna Dhakal,Pramod Kharel,Rajesh payal Rai,sata raj acharya,sworoop raj acharya,pramod khrarel,Kunti moktan,Sapana sri,Manila sotang,udaya sotang,Narendra Pyasi etc are the futures pillars for all time hit songs.The various types of singers have a great voice who are making the people to flow inside the song with their sweet voice.
Download Nepali All Times Hit Songs
Nepali All Times Hit Songs, Hence,all time hit songs should be saved,should be made the audio and visual CD’s so that the upcoming generation and all the people can listen and watch these types of songs in the present and in future.


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