Management in Nepal Nepalese management problem

Management in Nepal Nepalese management problem are serious problem in Nepal these days.Managerial effectiveness is low in Nepal. Manager lacks requisite skills and training. Motivation has not received adequate attention in Nepalese organization.

Managers assume that employees work for money and are lazy. Nepalese organization still follows the traditional approaches of management practices. Regardless of some public and government organization, most of the private corporate house started implementing of good management practices in Nepal. We can see most of the organization has a department named as Human Resource Department, HRD. Through this department many of the organization worked for very first step of screening and procurement of staff to increment of staff welfare and employee empowerment.

Management in Nepal Nepalese management problem

Mostly in Nepalese organization motivation is calculated in terms of financial motivation i.e. bonus, incentives, increment of salary and wages and other hidden benefits like provident fund, CIT fund, and pension fund etc and so on. Most of the Nepalese organizations are lack behind to teach employee that motivations may be in terms of non-financial terms like training, participation at different activities, recreational programs, appraisal system etc.

Though many privates organization is practicing the non-financial practices of motivations. Some of such organizations are financial institutions, IT companies and multi national companies as well as some public organizations.

Besides these, we can also observe that providing training for employee is not a problem for management of some huge organization. Management is always ready to do so. The problem is sincerity and commitment among employee.

After training they will ask either for promotion, additional incentive, and facilities or leave for better job without giving prior information. These trends also play as a back force for implementing certain motivational techniques in Nepalese organizations.

Management in Nepal Nepalese management problem

Most of the organizations are profit oriented but not the work process oriented. As a result organization are using same tools, equipments, plants and machines, office layout and design etc. as a result people are demotivated to work with such working situation of the organizations.

Low productivity, old production techniques, low effort at HRD, poor quality, weak managerial competency, increasing pressure of trade union, and weak information system are internal challenges to the Nepalese business.

Of these, low productivity, old production techniques, and low effort at HRD are the critical one.

Management in Nepal Nepalese management problem
Management in Nepal Nepalese management problem


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