Diabetes Patient In Nepal

Diabetes patient in Nepal are increasing day by day, many patient in Nepal are found suffering from diabetes and more diabetes patient in Nepal are dying these days.
Nepal is country of people where they take twice a day same food Dhal Bhat Tarkari which is mote rich in carbohydrates and the main reason behind in increasing the diabetes patient in Nepal is same and the other reason behind diabetes patient is also people in Nepal are found more careless on doing exercise too. These day Nepali people are found too lazy and they are found in taking more foods which are more reach in carbohydrates.
Especially the males in Nepal are found taking too much hard drink & other verities which are rich in carbohydrates. When the person get suffers from diabetes then at that condition he/she will have other many problems during the time of operation not only major operation simple operation are also hard to do at this condition.
So its better to find best solution to get rid of diabetes we can maintain the level of glucose in blood following simple process.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is not a communicable disease it is the condition of body increasing the level of glucose in blood. Diabetes patient are found facing lots of problem it may have other effects on body if it is not cured on time. Diabetes seems to be danger for other diseases and effects on human gland too. There are 2 types of diabetes are

  • Type-1 Diabetes
  • Type-2 Diabetes

Diabetes Patient in Nepal Is Increasing day by day.


Symptoms of Diabetes

  • People feel week and loss of water in body.
  • People feel thirstier.
  • Like to eat more food and feel more hunger is also one of symptoms of diabetes
  • They Feel sleepier and dizzy too.



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